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This Day In Ancient and Roman History

Modern Date:
Roman Date:
The Nones of January
Interesting Notes:
  • The rex sacrorum would appear on the steps of the Capitol on this day and announce to the people what days of the months would be holidays.  The Nones mark the ninth day before the Ides.
  • In the later Roman empire January 3-5 were the normal days for holidng the Compitalia.  This was an ancient festival kept by slaves who on behalf of the household sacrificed a honey-cake to the crossroad gods or Lares Compitales; a woolen effigy was hung up for every free person in the household, and a ball of wool for every slave.
  • It was on this day that the water of a spring by the temple of Dionysos on the Greek island of Andros was supposed to taste like wine.  It continued to do so for one week.  If the water was taken out of sight of the temple, then it would loose its taste. (Blackburn)
Major Happenings:
  • In Greece, this day was the Festival of Kore.
  • This day marked the birthday of the shrine of Vica Pota at Rome.
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